Jobs Management System
A software solution to maintain and manage jobs in a large printing press.
Printing Press
Apache Tomcat
This application provides users of our customer, the features like master-data management, maintaining the complexities of printing jobs in production, managing challans and invoices
Problem statement
The customer approached us to re-develop their PowerBuilder-based legacy application using OpenSource technologies. The challenge was to deliver the software in a months time. We took up the challenge and rebuilt the application in record time, using Angular and SpringBoot as core tech stack with MySQL as the database.
A software solution to maintain and manage jobs in a large printing press.
The application was supposed to support the maintenance of master data which is extensively used in defining the Jobs.
Jobs are actually printing jobs that are received by the printing press from their end customers. This is the core of their business. Management of jobs and their details were supposed to be the core functionality of the application.
The job completion results in billings and challans which is a pretty complex process as it includes GST among many other details.
Most importantly, the legacy application was a client-server application which could be used only from within the printing-press network. The new solution was supposed to be hosted on the cloud in order to provide access to the senior managers, reports and job statuses.
InfoMover Technologies have been developing applications for us since the year 1998. They have delivered several software applications for our business. We turn to InfoMover for all of our I.T needs.
The Solution
We analyzed the legacy application and designed the UX such that the application can be used by the managers with great ease. We achieved consistency through unified visual design.
We migrated the data from the legacy database to MySQL.
Implemented features to maintain the masters
Implemented features to create, edit, read & report printing jobs
Implemented invoicing and challan-related use cases.
Provided robust reporting to track the progress and status of the tasks
Designed and implemented the entire application that is cloud-ready.
We provided end to end solution - from job books to billing, which made running the business operations, a breeze.
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