Freight Aggregator Platform
An aggregator platform for freight service providers
A Singapore Based Startup
Apache Tomcat
Apache POI
The end-users can use the portal to get the best rates for their logistic-related needs ... be it documenting a small parcel or large packet of goods. The system accepts details like size, weight etc. and meticulously calculates the number of containers that shall be needed to transport the goods.
Problem statement
The customer is a startup from Singapore that wanted to launch a B2C platform that brought freight provider businesses onto a single platform along with their services and rates. The customers can then specify their freight-related needs and get the best suitable freight provider to ship their goods.
An aggregator platform for freight service providers
One of the keys asks in the application was to handle complex calculations and auto-determine the number of containers needed in case of large freight-related requirements.
The application was expected to facilitate the sign-up with freight forwarders, who in turn would provide routes and respective rates along with other details.
The end-customer of this B2C platform would provide the details of their freight; one of the keys and differentiating factors of the platform was to perform a smart search and suggest the best-suited forwarders based on the freight needs of the customer.
Uploading files, reading and processing the uploaded (excel) files and then updating the database was also one of the architecturally significant requirements
This application was developed by us for a small startup in Singapore. They could not get funding for the same and the platform could not pick up. Hence, no review. We can demonstrate the entire application though.
The Solution
We designed a simple yet powerful user experience.
Modelled the structure of the database to accommodate complex and hierarchical data structure
We identified architecturally significant requirements and provided the implementation mechanism for the same.
We provided the means to upload the master data through an easy-to-use interface that facilitated the upload and processing of excel files.
We implemented the wizard-based user interface for the customer to provide its freight needs including the number of packets, their weight and dimensions. The wizard then proceeds further to display the list of forwarders/service providers for the customer to select. Finally, the pick-up and delivery details are accepted after which the user is presented with the payment details page
The algorithm to match the freight forwarders/service providers based on the key factors of the customer freight was devised and implemented.
We deployed the application to AWS ec2 instance.
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