Hire developers
backed by workforce productivity platform

Skip the Hiring Hassle, Trust Our Proven Expertise. We have integrated our services with the cutting-edge productivity app - an advanced workforce productivity platform, designed to provide real-time insights into the efforts put by our developers on your project.
Boost Efficiency with productivity App - Empowering Your Projects
Our competitive edge lies in our commitment to transparency and efficiency. We have integrated our services with the cutting-edge productivity app - an advanced employee monitoring system designed to enhance project management. With productivity, you gain real-time insights into your talents productivity. Track exact work hours, monitor application usage, and effortlessly verify progress through automatically captured screenshots. The platform auto-detects start and end times of daily work, ensuring accurate timekeeping. The best part? When you hire our consultants, you enjoy complimentary access to the productivity platform, elevating your project management experience without any additional costs. Harness the power of productivity with our seamless integration of talent and technology.
Unleash Creativity with Cutting-Edge Technology
At InfoMover Technologies, innovation is more than an idea; it is ingrained in our infrastructure. Our consultants craft brilliance on state-of-the-art machines, primarily high-end MacBooks and iMacs. We have an inherent passion for working on the latest technology, and this enthusiasm translates into faster, more efficient work for you. Equipping our talent with cutting-edge machines is not just a choice, but a commitment to delivering excellence in every project. While you have the option to provide machines for our consultants, our top-notch setups are ready to empower your projects with creativity and efficiency. Join us at InfoMover Technologies and experience the future of work with unparalleled technology.
In-House Mastery: Harnessing the Potential of Dedicated Talent
At InfoMover Technologies, we are a hub of in-house mastery. Every team member is dedicated to excellence, supported by a Center of Excellence for each technology. This ensures our experts stay at the forefront of industry advancements. We do not just build software; we cultivate reusable components and bring your dream projects to life. Our talent is always in motion - either crafting high-quality software for your needs or immersed in learning the latest features of their expertise. What you receive is more than just code; it is a testament to our commitment - swift, top-tier software development that transforms your ideas into reality.
Tech Excellence Beyond Staffing: Unlock the Power of Our In-House Talent Pool
Our talent pool consists of in-house employees, meticulously nurtured through our talent development program. Leveraging our unique bench, designed for development and consulting services on a contractual basis, ensures you access top-tier professionals. We share only the profiles of individuals who have successfully completed our comprehensive talent development program. Partner with us for tech-driven excellence that goes beyond conventional staff augmenting solutions.
Clear Costing, Transparent Partnership
We believe in cost transparency that is not based on our whims and fancies. Our pricing methodology is straightforward - we calculate the hourly remuneration of our in-house consultants, multiply it by 176 hours, and add a margin such that our employee gets 40% and the company gets 60%. This transparent approach ensures that you understand the breakdown of costs.
The 60% margin covers essential aspects, including marketing, payroll, training, machine expenses, bench costs, and, of course, contributes to the sustainable growth and profitability of our company. Experience the clarity of cost and the value it brings to your partnership with us.
Our Software Engineers
Rising Stars in Software Engineering: Unleashing the Potential Beyond Experience
At InfoMover Technologies, our Rising Stars are not to be underestimated. Far from rookies, our freshers undergo a rigorous and comprehensive training regimen, with many programs personally conducted by Muhammed Shakir, our founder with over 25 years of programming experience. Before their profiles are shared, these rising stars are battle-tested and proven. They possess the ability to deliver tasks with minimal support from their tech/team leads, showcasing their exceptional skills and commitment. What is even more compelling is that their cost to you is significantly less compared to experienced engineers, providing you with top-notch talent at an advantageous investment. Embrace the future of software engineering with our Rising Stars at InfoMover Technologies.
Seasoned Excellence: Meet Our Experienced Consultants
Our Experienced Consultants are the proven architects of success. With a track record of accomplishments, they thrive on challenging assignments. Possessing 2 to 7 years of rich experience, these experts bring analytical prowess to the forefront. Renowned for their ability to deliver tasks with minimal support from tech/team leads, they are ready to tackle complex projects head-on. Trust in the seasoned excellence of our software engineers as they seamlessly navigate the intricacies of your assignments, ensuring success at every turn. Welcome the expertise of the seasoned professionals at InfoMover Technologies.
Super Experienced: Architects of Innovation and Leadership
Meet our Super Experienced team at InfoMover Technologies - your architects of innovation and leadership. Comprising seasoned software architects and senior tech leads, these professionals are ready to execute tasks with unparalleled expertise. Passionate about their craft, they require no tech support, taking charge to design solutions and lead teams seamlessly. Beyond their technical prowess, they play pivotal roles in leading technology and Center of Excellence initiatives. Trust our Super Experienced software engineers to not just meet expectations but to exceed them, ensuring success in every endeavor. Elevate your projects with the unparalleled expertise of our tech leaders at InfoMover Technologies. These professionals are usually 7+ experienced.