About us !

We are a “well-capitalized” bunch of passionate coders . We take pride in writing code that is reusable, maintainable and resilient to changes. We are looking for professionals who can help us to enhance & maintain our architectural framework called APEA (Architectural Platform for Enterprise Applications) which has services like security, integration, document management, workflow, notification .. to name a few. We also need professionals who can contribute towards development of bespoke solutions for our customers .. especially for learning & logistic domains

About you !

Your Profile: You must be equally passionate about coding and must have experience of designing, coding, testing and deploying enterprise grade solutions. You must be excellent in problem solving and must be able to work as one-man-army for a given module / project. Your communication skills must be above average.

Work Location: We expect you to relocate to Baroda (Vadodara) a neat-clean, cosmopolitan & posh city that is full of fun and frolic. You do have an option of WFH once you have proved your skills to deliver quality code on time and with minimal support, within first six months of your tenure with us.

Dedication & Commitment: While we respect and promote work-life balance, we love to work with people who do not necessarily restrict themselves to 9-to-5 kind of work regime.

Equity Ownership: If you prove your mettle during your 1st year of your tenure with us, your appraisal may include meaningful equity ownership.

Freshers can apply: We welcome freshers to join us with quintessentials skills & passion for coding. You will be paid stipend for first 6 months.

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