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A stunning web app that conforms to the principles of UX & UI design can greatly impact your application's adoption. We build responsive web apps that work efficiently and look equally good on all modern devices and most important - it's user friendly.

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Our expertise with Angular

We have developed angular based web applications that are not only scalable but also modular, which helps in parallel development within teammates. With reusable components and using UI component libraries like PrimeNG, our code is maintainable for future developments; our talented team have gained mastery over PrimeNG. We build progressive web apps with Angular.

Modular Structure

Keeping applications modular helps a lot in their maintenance which leads to quick releases of features in a given project. With Angular, modules makes it possible for multiple members in the team to work in parallel. This leads to high productivity and faster release cycles. Also, the modules are loaded progressively which reduces the the size of the landing module.

Reusable Components

We bundle the boilerplate code into reusable components. We have gained expertise in not only using the reusable components in one single project but across multiple projects by assembling the reusable components into libraries. The components are configurable which makes it all the more reusable across multiple projects.

Using external libraries and frameworks

Angular is replete with rich features. However, projects may have needs that may require some external libraries - lodash for example; we have been using lodash extensively to work with collections and arrays. We can plug n play the external libraries that are needed in your project and make them work like a charm.


We can help you in upgrading your existing projects to newer versions of angular. We can fix the breaking changes and make sure that your app works equally well with the upgraded version. Need a change in the look & feel based on new designs ? We can help you change the entire look & feel while reusing the control & service logic.

Responsive Web Applications

We build highly responsive web apps in angular that works like a charm on all devices. While keeping the user-experience intact, the app adjusts the html elements to work on any device.

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Our software development process is iterative and incremental, architecture centric and driven by use cases and risks.
We engaged InfoMover Technologies for our NVOCC portal in 2018. It has been a very fruitful association since then. InfoMover has delivered 2 phases of the portal in record time with superior quality of code. This portal is in production & we have engaged InfoMover for couple of more projects . InfoMover is our technology partner & trusted advisor for most of our tech-initiatives in the company.
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