Custom API Development Services

Well-designed, secured & semantically versioned APIs are building blocks of any modern software application. Whether it is a mobile, web or 3rd party app - they all need elegantly designed APIs to get the data from the distributed system. The speed matters too.

We build APIs on top of SpringBoot Web and SpringBoot Webflux and we are the best at it.

Have a project in mind

Services we provide

We provide APIs / REST services development for web applications on the cloud. We build for scalability so that not just the web app but also mobile app and other 3rd party applications can consume the APIs that are implemented in the micro-services. We follow the design principles while designing the APIs and make sure that they are secured via oAuth2.0-based tokens. For real large applications, we build Reactive APIs using Spring Webflux that are provides high performance.

RAML based API Designs

We are well versed with RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language) which helps in designing the APIs that tools like MuleSoft can use. Over and above, the adherence to high standards of API design makes sure that the product team and development teams are in concurrence over the contract of the API. Good API design also facilitates parallel front-end development that can expedite product development by leaps and bounds

API Implementation

We implement APIs using RestControllers in the SpringBoot framework. These APIs can be consumed by web, mobile or any other 3rd party application using the oAuth 2.0 token. We protect the APIs using the spring security authorization mechanism. With API gateways and other architectural mechanisms, we can provide Rate limiting, API Security and a lot more. With such architectural features in place, you can build an API economy around your APIs.

Swagger Based Documentation

Documentation of APIs in different environments like DEV, QA & PRODUCTION is very critical. We provide complete documentation of the published APIs via Swagger or Open API. The API is well documented with its signature, path variables, parameters, payload and responses. This gives an edge to the front-end developers while writing their code to consume the API-based web services.

Build Scalable APIs

The APIs must be scalable and highly responsive. We build blocking as well as reactive APIs that can scale up to 1000s of concurrent requests. We use "project reactor" based WebFlux from the SpringBoot ecosystem. We can build solutions for you that bring data from various different sources and return a unified response like a charm, and in a breeze.

Making products that are easy and efficient
Our software development process is iterative and incremental, architecture centric and driven by use cases and risks.
We engaged InfoMover Technologies for our NVOCC portal in 2018. It has been a very fruitful association since then. InfoMover has delivered 2 phases of the portal in record time with superior quality of code. This portal is in production & we have engaged InfoMover for couple of more projects . InfoMover is our technology partner & trusted advisor for most of our tech-initiatives in the company.
A Large Shipping & Logistics Services Company
Our development competencies
API Design

Our experience & expertise with design patterns results into well-designed APIs that are resilient to changes. Our API design makes sure that the business logic and the data logic is well layered and separated so that change in one does not adversely affect the other.

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API Design

Our experience & expertise with design patterns results into well-designed APIs that are resilient to changes. Our API design makes sure that the business logic and the data logic is well layered and separated so that change in one does not adversely affect the other.

Reusable Libraries

Over a period of time, we have built many custom software applications; many of which had common architectural mechanisms for e.g. security with RBAC & ABAC, error handling, logging and a lot more. We have built reusable libraries that can be simply plugged & played into your application. This results in rapid application development. These libraries are tried and tested pieces of code that we keep enhancing based on the needs of the project.

Integration & CRONs

The API implementation can be pretty complex; The backend code may have to integrate with 3rd party systems via their respective APIs; we have been there and done it. We are the right choice for your project if you are looking to build APIs to return responses that contain data elements from some other external systems. We can also write CRONs for you that can periodically synchronize data between your application and some other application in the ecosystem

Monolith to MicroServices

Our APIs are modular by nature in a monolith application. We design these modules such that, If they are to be converted to micro-services then it is just the matter of days if not hours. If you have a large monolith application that you want to re-architect and convert the same into micro-services then you are at the right place. We use domain driven design to arrive at bounded-context & thereby the micro-services. We intelligently differentiate between edge services and mid-layered services.

Well Tested

We are pro at writing test cases. We write unit-test cases to test the business components and also the APIs. The unit test cases ensures that the APIs are regressively tested and breaking changes are identified at the right time and not in production. We can integrate test cases with CI/CD pipelines so that each deployment (dev, qa, prod) in the respective environment has reliable code deployed to it.

Rapid Development

Our adherence to the principles of agile software development facilitates rapid application development. We use Jenkins (can use other tools as well) to implement CI / CD pipelines that deploys code in dev/qa/prod as we incrementally build the application - sprint by sprint. Our well-trained and talented team(s) are well versed with the dos & don'ts of software development which further makes sure that the delivery of your software is on time !

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