We are a team of professionals with skills on spring framework, spring cloud, micro-services architecture & angular. We also have pool of professionals who excel in Liferay, salesforce CRM and other salesforce products.


With 22+ yrs of experience under his belt, he has been been doing consulting & trainings on high-end Java and Open Source technologies for companies in India, U.S, U.K. Singapore and UAE.

Muhammed is a techie to the core and loves to write code. He is extremely passionate about technology and has quintessential skills of architecting large enterprise applications. He leads InfoMover Technologies with a dream to make it a top notch information technology company.


A wizard with close to 5 yrs of experience (read - 7 yrs; she works day-in and day-out). Her hard work and sheer passion has led her to excel in several technologies. She is a fullstack developer having "unmatched" hands-on skills with Angular 2+, Liferay, SpringBoot, Micro-Services, oAuth 2, Heroku (just to name a few).

Her extra-ordinary skills gives her an edge, over not only her contemporaries but also those who are more experienced than her in terms of number of yrs of experience.

Parvez Misarwala

Parvez runs his own company called booleanMinds (booleanMinds.com) and is also on advisory panel of our company. He is a dev-ops specialist with fabulous skills on dev-ops architecture

Parvez has consulted some of the big names in the I.T industry in India and have also, recently delivered a long-term dev-ops consulting assignment in middle-east

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