The server-side services of this project is also powered by APEA & Angular 5 with PrimeNG is used to build the front-end.

We have delivered this project in record-time for our customer who is a Mumbai based large printing house. From job books to billing, the application provides critical business functionality that makes running the business a breeze.


Master Management

For any large printing house like the one of our client, there are suppliers of various material like ink, paper etc. and of course the masters that defines their customers.
The application provides maintenance of master data including job types, billing related configuration and a lot more. The user-experience is neat, simple and elegant.
The user-experience is neat, simple and elegant.


Each and every order that the printing house receives, is called a “Printing Job”. These jobs are a pretty complex configuration of various details like paper(s) used, the size of the paper, the type of the job etc.

The application provides elegant way of recording each and every detail of a Job. The application also provides useful insights and MIS on Jobs that are recorded, including - invoicing.

Challans & Invoicing

Invoicing of jobs is complex as well. There can be multiple jobs that can be invoiced together. The application provides a mechanism, to not only record the details of invoice but also attach Jobs to it. A given printing job can be partially or fully billed in a given invoice.
The application keeps track of fully invoiced jobs and presents the MIS on open that are yet to be invoiced. The printing of invoice is elegantly weaved into invoice-management which adds to the user-experience of the application
Over and above invoicing, the application also provides challans management.


There are several MIS reports with respect to Jobs, Challans & Invoice that provides actionable insights into the business. The reports can be viewed, downloaded in excel and also printed as needed.

We are sure, you will love to the see the user interface

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