MOOC platforms like udemy, Lynda etc were and are still a big hit. While these portals sell trainings under their own brand, we built multi-tenancy based learning platform called lmsStack on top of which , one can create multiple LMS Portal(s) and publish their courses under their own branding.

lmsStack can be used by corporates to launch trainings for their employees, customers and partners while it can be used by trainers who want to sell their trainings online in open market. We can provision complete platform on your private cloud or on-premise.

lmsStack is a MVP (Minimal Viable Product) with well tested features developed on top of rock-solid architecture. We can understand the gaps between your needs and our portal and fill the same in a breeze. Take a look at our architectural platform APEA, that accelerates development with the help of reusable services & components

LMS Features

Launch Multiple LMS Portals

Creating LMS portal dedicated to one subject matter helps in creating a brand for your LMS portal. You can create multiple LMS portals on lmsStack with one single account. You can have custom domain associated to each one of them or use the default virtual host the portal generates for you.

You can invite trainers, moderate trainings and brand each lms portal differently with logo, favicon, image, color scheme & more

Create Learning Courses In a Breeze

A beautiful course content builder that is created by the trainer, for the trainer. Create chapters & topics, reorder them as needed and put content against each topic.

Upload Content : You may already have your training course contents ready; upload your training content from an excel file instead of creating it manually.

HTML Content : For each topic you can write blog (HTML Content) & and also upload supporting material.

Videos : For each topic you can upload videos or select from video library. You can also set-up vimeo or youtube videos against each topic instead of uploading it to your own video library.

Maintain Your Video Library

Every video that you upload is stored in your library so that you can reuse it across any topic in your entire LMS. You already have video on Vimeo or Youtube? Simply put the url and you are good to go.

We encode your videos so that it can be played on all devices and all browsers.

You can upload multiple videos progressively into your library, so that you can simply select them in which ever topic you wish. Progressively means, If internet connectivity is lost while uploading videos, our uploader will resume from where it paused once connectivity is restored. The videos are uploaded to Amazon s3 by default

Gamification in LMS

Trainings without quiz & evaluation in LMS is pretty dull. Engage your learners with topic wise quiz. You get elegantly designed grid view to manage the "right choice" of the questions in the question-set

Very importantly, a question set can be generated for the complete training program or for a given topic. This facilitates the instructor to provision quiz / test against each topic

Create pre-requisite tests to help your students to know whether they are eligible for the training or not. Pretty honest... isn't it!

Post training tests helps gage the ROI of the training program.

Amazing Learning Experience

In any LMS, learning experience is even more important than the ease of creating trainings! We have created a unique learning user which facilitates the user to

  • View the entire course content in order of chapters & topics
  • See whether a given topic has html-text (reading material), video or both associated to it
  • View the length of the video against each topic
  • Watch videos associated to the topic.
  • Swith between html-content & videos of a given topic
  • Take quiz created for the topic. Quiz / Test can also be taken at training level
  • Download supporting materials against each topic

You will not regret investing your time in seeing the demo !

You can be up and running in days with the learning plans for your corporate

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