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My client is a large UAE based NVOCC company, who used to accept container bookings from their end-customers over email / phone calls. The client was relying on Oracle-Forms based legacy application to maintain transactions; without any customer-facing portal for their customers. The lack of self-service portal used to result into a lot of work for the back-end team

A customer facing web & mobile application was needed to serve the end-customers which they could use to book containers, enter shipment instructions, track shipment and much more...

Very importantly, the web & mobile applications were supposed to integrate with the customer's backend ERP system.

software solution for nvocc business  (logistics software solution)


We built a web & mobile based apps for our customer who then on-boarded their 1000s of clients on-to it. The application facilitates the end-users to search for vessel schedules, book the containers, view the status of their bookings, search bookings, view pending invoices and very importantly track their containers. The state of the art dashboard provides status-wise booking list, advance filtering and pending invoices.

The web portal is built on top of Angular-5 & NativeScript for web & mobile respectively. The server-side application is powered by APEA. Built for performance, the security is provided by apea based authentication service and a resource-authorization library that provides role-based access to resources. Faceted search is powered by JPA 2.x based criteria API.

We have architected the deployment of the portal on aws with advance clustering and security configurations.


Vessel Schedules

In order to book a container, the user first need to get the list of available vessel schedules. The user enters from and to location and the date based on which the portal presents the available vessel schedules along with transit days. The user can then request a booking against the listed vessel schedules.

Request Booking

The portal presents the booking form on which the end-user can enter Shipping Details, Container Details, Booking Details and Payment Terms. The user can select from various container types, basis which container-type specific form is presented

Track Shipment

This is a flagship feature which has added tremendous value to the user experience. The user can track his/her shipment based on BL-Number / Booking-Number / Container-Number.
The tracking information shows exact location of the shipment - whether it is with shipper / ready to be loaded / On Board / Import Discharged / At TransShipment Port / With Consignee etc.

Search Bookings

The portal also provides powerful search feature which helps the user to search bookings based on booking number, booking dates, shipper name, load port and discharge port. The search is blazing fast that provides results in approx. 2 seconds.
We brag about the performance because we have done special optimization that gets search results of complex query from on-prem database. The customer portal is actually running on cloud (Amazon ec2)

Split Booking

This is yet another flag-ship feature of the portal which allows the user to split the booking. The end-customer (user) can do a bulk booking and then split the same for different shipments. For e.g. you may book 50 containers and once your booking is accepted, you can split and say : 10 containers from x location to y location, 20 containers from a location to b location and so on. All the splits are then pending for approval; once approved, the user can fill the shipping instructions.


Status-Wise Booking List : The all-powerful dashboard shows the list of all the bookings, segregated by status like “Pending”, “Accepted”, “CRO Released”, “ADD SI”, “Submit SI” & “Split Pending”. The portal provides option to track the shipment associated to the booking right from the dashboard.
View Pending Invoices : The dashboard displays the list of all pending invoices and also the total outstanding. ​

Cron Jobs & Deployment

Over and above the aforementioned features, the portal has several CRON jobs running which integrates with the client’s legacy system to keep the two systems in sync.
We have provisioned the entire application in a clustered environment on AWS with VPN to the client’s on-prem database. The database access & required SQLs are so very well optimized that it makes minimal trips to on-prem database; there by providing amazing performance. ​

You will be thrilled to see a live demo !

The screen-shots provided above are dummy in order to comply with the NDA. However, we can provide live demo in QA environment. Give us a shout !

We engaged InfoMover Technologies for our NVOCC portal in 2018. It has been a very fruitful association since then. InfoMover has delivered 2 phases of the portal in record time with superior quality of code. This portal is in production & we have engaged InfoMover for couple of more projects . InfoMover is our technology partner & trusted advisor for most of the tech-initiatives in our company

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