frieight aggregator portal business needs

Business Need

We have developed this B2C portal for one of our clients (we have restrictions on sharing the details due to NDA with the customer) The client wanted a portal that would help them to sign-up with freight forwarders, who in turn would provide routes and respective rates along with other details. The details of services provided by the forwarders are uploaded to the portal. The end-user, wanting to transport goods would put in the details of shipment. The portal then search and display the list of freight forwarders along with their rates, that provide services between the given to & from location. This business need resulted in the freight aggregator portal as showcased below


Shipment Details

It all starts with the end-user (may be guest user) putting-in the details of the shipment like - from & to location. The user also specifies the type of shipment like document, goods of freight. The portal then accepts details of the shipment.

Especially with goods, the portal provides state-of-the-art user-experience that facilitates specifying weight, dimensions and description of each and every parcel. The user can also duplicate the parcel details and change only the differentiating values, which enhances the user-experience.

We have integrated with Google API(s) for locations and lat-long of respective locations.

Select Forwarder

This is one of the most critical and interesting part of the portal. The portal runs efficient algorithm behind the scenes and picks up the relevant freight agencies that provides services on the given route (based on to & from location).

The portal provides option to filter by Road, Air and Ocean. User can also select “All” in order to get all the freight forwarder options so that he/she can compare the pricing.

The portal also meticulously calculates the cost of transport for each given freight forwarder in the list including other charges and tax.

Address Details

User can enter the address details - pick-up and drop addresses which are automatically saved to his/her address book if the user is logged on to the system. User can also select the addresses from the saved addresses in his account.

The screen is neat and elegant which provides excellent user-experience.

At any point in time, user can save his selections as draft and then later, can continue from where he/she left

Invoicing & Payment

The portal displays the details of the entire transaction along with option to make the payment online or pay in cash to the freight agency.

The portal generates the invoice on the fly and presents the same to the user.

Admin Functions

While the logged in user can use Volumetric calculator to calculate the volume of his goods, there are many administrative functions that are provided by the portal which are as follows

  • The logged in user can change his account details & maintain the shipment addresses
  • Portal admin can
    • on-board the freight forwarders
    • upload their lane-sheets
    • view all the registered/on-boarded freight forwarders
    • and view all the transactions that are being done on the portal

Most of the screens are powered by with powerful filter options.

A live demo of this portal can help you gage the level of our expertise !

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