Customer Poral for NVOCC Business

Features (all the details already well written on product page)

  1. Vessel Schedules
  2. Shipment / Container Tracking
  3. Placing a shipment booking request
  4. Booking Summary
  5. Status updates of bookings & filtering of bookings according to the status
  6. Invoice Summary and outstanding details
  7. Real-time In-app Notifications
  8. Vessel Schedules
  9. Integration with custom ERP

OTM Integration


WhatsApp Notifications




EDI (Excel) Integration


Vessel API Project


Vessel Mobile & Browser App


Vessel OTM Integration


NVOCC Management Software (logistics solutions) APEA
NVOCC Management Software (logistics solutions)

NVOCC Customer Portal

This portal facilitates searching of vessel schedules, book the containers, view the status of their bookings, search bookings, and very importantly, tracking the shipment.

Built on top of Angular 5, the state of the art dashboard provides status-wise booking list, advance filtering and the list of pending invoices.

The server-side architecture is powered by APEA

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freight aggregator portal (logistics solutions) APEA
freigh aggregaator portal (logisics solutions)

Freight Aggregator Portal

This portal aggregates the services provided by freight forwarders. The end-users can use the portal to get best rates for their logistic related needs ... be it document or a huge parcel. The system accepts details of parcel like size, weight etc. and meticulously calculates the number of containers that shall be needed to transport the goods.
The most important feature is that the portal brings list of all freight agencies, that provide services on given route along with the cost. User can then select from the list, the agency he/she would like to deal with.
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e-learning & learning management system use cases

lmsStack - Effective Learning Management System

A multi-tenancy based learning management system that provides a platform to stack-up multiple LMS portals. With one single account you can launch multiple LMS(s), each having its own branding, virtual host, users, trainings, trainers, gamification, video library and lot more.

The platform can be provisioned on cloud or on-premise. lmsStack is MVP (Minimal Viable Product) platform that is designed for extension. We can implement the gaps that aligns with your business goa l in a breeze.

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production management system

Production Management for Printing House

This project is also powered by APEA for server-side services and Angular 5 (+ PrimeNG) for the front-end. We have delivered this project in record-time for one of our age old customers who is a Mumbai based large printing house.

From job-books to billing, the application provides critical business functionality that makes running the business a breeze.

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Other Services & Engagements

We have been doing a lot of short-term consulting assignments for our customers which includes
architecture services

Architecture PoC(s)

Get your architecture validated before baselining it to mitigate costly technical risks
code review services

Architecture Reviews

Do you already have architecture in place ? Get it reviewed by us know the strengths and weakness of your architecture. We can suggest tweaks that can mitigate / avoid risks
architecture services

Implementation of Architectural Services

We implement the complete architecture which stands as a back-bone of your business application. Services like authentication ,authorization, search, workflow, error-handlng, messaging, log aggregation with elk-stack etc. are implemented by us.

Architecture Consulting

We have also been helping our customers to select the right technology stack for their enterprise applications which helps them in mitigating technical & architectural risks
java performance tuning services

Performance Tuning

We have done several performance tuning projects and helped our customers to go live which was otherwise not possible because of unacceptable performance. Right from tuning the application servers to tuning the GC, we are pro at it.

Recent Architecture Consulting Assignments

  •   Delivered Liferay training for a large multinational bank

      Delivered integration project that integrates bespoke portal with Salesforce

      Delivered integration project for large logistics company. We integrated customer portal with whatsapp for business

      Delivered domain driven design training for a large bank

      Currently working on Liferay based knowledge-management system for end-client from Malaysia

      Also, currently working on integrating customer portal with SAP

  • Singapore

      Architecture consulting for Liferay DXP based intranet portal for a large multi-national bank

      Architecture consulting for a large portal for Singapore Govt ​

  • United States

      Dev-Ops architecture consulting for a large HR benefits & admin company ​

      Architecture consulting for a health care solution for a startup firm ​ ​

      Architectural consulting for a Tennessee govt. portal

      Architectural consulting on a huge Spring Cloud based solution. I provided end to end executable PoC(s) for critical architectural mechanisms

      Architecture consulting for a migration project (Liferay 6.1 to Liferay DXP) & API based solution ​ ​

  • United Kingdom

      Architecture consulting for a Liferay Portal with a large SUV manufacturer ​ ​

      Quite a few visits to provide pre-sales support to onsite sales team. ​ ​ ​

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