oAuth2.0 based Security System

Buisness Need

One of our customers having "N" number of browser based and mobile based apps developed on top of Angular & NativeScript technology respectively, needed a sophisticated token based authentication. One single authorization server that provided tokens to all the applications in the environment was the key ask from the customer. The apps in the environment were supposed to use the token and make API calls.
security architecture - oAuth2.0


We developed a state of the art authorization server on top of Spring Security + Spring JWT + Spring oAuth 2.0. The server issues JWT tokens based on password grant_type which conforms to industry standards.

The JWT token contains claims as well as other application specific fields. The JSON containing the access token also contains the refresh token in order to keep the user signed-in to the system. The token is signed and securely decrypted by resource APIs. As of now there are multiple applications that use this authorization server in the ecosystem.

ELK Based Log Aggregator

Buisness Need

The customer has multitude of applications, running on cloud. Each instances in the cluster of each application produces log. Analyzing the log files of each server was a huge challenge and nearly impossible. User behavior analysis and access logs were extremely difficult to analyze.
elk architeture - architecture consulting services


We provisioned ELK stack with FileBeat to aggregate the logs into ELK. Sophisticated GROK was created in order to capture the events of our choice. The customer now gets timely alerts in case of any critical error in the system

The system also provides useful insights into the user behavior and other critical analytics

Muhammed has been playing the role of a chief architect on many of our projects. He has very successfully delivered assignments on architecture and design for one of our large U.S based clients. We keep engaging InfoMover Technologies for gigs on architecture design of large enterprise portals and other applications.


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