We build iteratively and incrementally across 4 phases

unified software development process


Critical user-stories / use-case scenarios are identified and briefly documented, candidate architecture is carved out, test plan is put in place and risks documented. Completes in usually 1 sprint


Architecturally significant requirements are detailed & implemented along with reusable components. The architecture is tested and baselined. Usually completes in 1 or 2 sprints


All the user-stories are implemented (requirements that contains risk of higher magnitude are taken in early iterations (sprints). Number of sprints depends on bulk of functionality to implement


Each iteration starts with UAT and ends with rolling out set of features. Iteratively & incrementally, the complete application is rolled out

Iterative & Incremental Development Approach


Requirements Gathering

We have mastered the skills of asking the right set of questions to elicit requirements

We document requirements in terms of Use-Case Model (actors & use-cases), use-case specification document and supplementary specs for non-functional requirements


UX & UI Design

If you already have UX & UI designs, then we implement pixel perfect front-end OR ELSE, we design the UX & UI and present the same to you for your perusal


Front-End Development

We implement browser based front-end using frameworks like Thymeleaf, Angular 5, REACT, Kendo UI, PrimeNG. For mobile development, we have been working with our tried and tested partners


API Design

Our implementation approach is test-driven. We design the domain model, design APIs and write test cases well before we start implementing the APIs


API Implementation

We implement the APIs on top of our flagship platform called APEA. APEA provides implementation of common architectural mechanisms, which helps us in rolling out APIs like a breeze



We follow the standards of CI/CD and there by continuous testing which enhances the quality of our deliverables

All in all - your project is in safe hands

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